Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some Tatting and a Question..

So I found some of my all-time favorite beads that I stole from an old pair of earrings and my silver Lizbeth thread, and this is the result:

The pattern is the "Quadrille" from Yarnplayer's store as well as her new book. They have findings on them now, and I have worn them since this picture was taken. I have found that my tatting looses its shape during the day, and will have to starch these before I wear them again..

I also finished the small motif from last post, but haven't gotten it blocked and photographed. ^^ I'm falling a bit behind!

I'm also working on a hanky at the moment, and this one will have six different rounds. This is what I've already got:

My question is, for the corner on the first round, the pattern (at least in my book) says this:

"Repeat rs and chs until corner is reached, when there is but one r, and the chs next to it join by 1st p."
The copy that's on Georgia's website (located here, and called "The Priscilla Tatting Book #2", page 9), says this:

"Repeat rs and chs until corner is reached, when there is but one (3 r joined together)."
Can anyone help me figure this one out? This is the picture of the pattern (and sorry it's so dark -- I couldn't get a decent photo and this was the clearest I got):

To me, it looks like the corner should have two rings instead of just one, but the picture is really hard to see. Anyone ever completed this pattern? I know it's a "traditional" one (and one that I've already done but with different stitch counts), and it's written in long hand, which has always confused me..

Happy Tatting, all!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I think I'm back..

Possibly? Maybe?

Ever had one of those days where you didn't feel the need to do anything? Has it ever stretched into a month (or two) of nothing?

That's how the last few months have been. It's mostly been just focused on going to work and coming home to do a whole lot of nothing. I haven't had the energy to do much else -- it doesn't help that all my hours were turned around and I was working more than I was used to.

Then, about a week ago, I spied my lonely spinning wheel with a bobbin barely started with some fiber that I had dyed around Easter. So I started spinning. And spinning, and spinning.. I don't have pictures of a finished project as yet, mainly because I have two almost-full bobbins of singles ready to ply! Hope to have those both finished by next week sometime, and have lots of pictures to show then.

I have been doing a little tatting, in fact I'm in the process of working on a smallish motif right now:

It's from the book "Tatting Patterns" by Julia E. Sanders. I bought it back when my laptop charger died, as well as Yarnplayer's new book. What I didn't know was that the book is a re-print of one that is on project Gutenberg (whoops!). Sorry for the scan -- I'm not at home at the moment so I don't have my camera. Hope to have this finished by tonight! ^^

I think that's about all that I have been doing crafting-wise. Hope to get back into blogging soon!

Happy tatting! ^^