Friday, May 14, 2010

Knit, Knit, Knit..

Been working on several items at once, so I thought I'd share. Sorry in advance for the blurry photos. I used my phone for them all.

The first is a pattern that I am trying to add to. It's loosely based on Ruth Perry's Eight Inch Doily that I've made while I was at the doctor with M. I couldn't remember the stitch count and didn't have the book with me, and let my fingers go. I'm adding on to it, and the second round isn't quite finished (it's rosetts, which are proving difficult):

And next are two knit projects, one is for my aunt on my mother's side:

She bought me that yarn years ago, and now I'm making her a scarf for Christmas. It's extremely soft, and if you've seen the movie Monster's INC, it looks like Sully's coloring! I'm a little further on this than the picture. When it's done, it'll be a zig-zag pattern, hence why it' leaning to the left.

And finally, a personal item to work on my knitted lacework:

This is the Gorgeous Goddess Shawl, from the Anti-Craft. I'm about half-way through if you only count from the rows. It's easy and is almost a no-brainer pattern. I love the background stitch!

I'm also swatching some more knitting for a secret project, which I'll share at a later date. 'Till then!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Earrings and Strawberries!

I have been working on these off and on for a while now.. Made the first prototype a while ago and then tried it with beads, and now I need some help!

This was the first one, done in Lizbeth Country Turquoise:

And the second, done in Lizbeth Antique Violet:

The second one has beads on them as well as an extra join, and I don't know which I like best! Maybe a combination of the two, perhaps? I like the placement of the beads, but not the extra join because it sort of warps the bottom two chains. Any thoughts?

And just to have a clearer picture, here they are side-by-side:

Because I don't feel these are "finished," they are not going to be counted in my 25 Motif Challenge. I have some more tatting to share, but can't get any pictures at the moment. I'll try to have them posted tonight!

Also, I'm going to offer this pattern, but I need to write it up. It's simple and based entirely on the number 3!

And now, on a lighter note.. ^^

It's the end of the strawberry season, and I'm lucky enough to have a start-up strawberry farm nearby. Nothing beats buying local, as the jams, jellies, preserves, what have you, have that extra taste of home that store-bought produce just can't replicate. I know it must sound crazy, but I prefer to get what I can local while staying away from the grocery stores.

So, about a week ago, my grandparents and I went and picked some berries. It was a beautiful day!

Unfortunately, there weren't many berries left as they had a huge crowd before we got there! I did manage to get some a few nice shots..

All the berries are washed and frozen, and hopefully I'll have some jams and jellies soon!

I can't wait for it to be blueberry season.. The ones we got last year were excellent! ^^

ALSO!! Nearly forgot..

I wanted to do a give-away at the end of last month, but then quite a few of the blogs I followed offered up some goodies! I decided to push it back for two weeks, and will be posting about it in the coming days.

'Till next time!