Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Evolution of a Pattern

Sorry all! I've been having some internet problems lately, and this isn't a guarantee that I'll stay on for very long. Oh the life of using another's internet.. Aah well. Also, sorry for those who don't have Japanese characters on their system. There's a part in this post that is written in hirigana..

Seeing as how I go through several different patterns/designs, I thought I’d share how I make my patterns in Illustrator. I’m working on a snowflake of my own design, which I’ve got called the “Sakura Flake,” ふれっくのさくら (fure-ku no sakura, or Cherry Blossom Snowflake. That is, if my translation is correct..) It uses one shuttle and a ball, a first for me. I’m so used to using two that it’s a bit unnatural to not have that second shuttle to dance with! Here’s the first part of it, as I originally wrote it:

R- ring
Ch- Chain
Cl – close
P – mock picot
RW – Reverse work
+ - join
LJ – lock join

Round 1
R (5-4-4-5) Cl. RW
P, Ch (6-6) RW
R (3-3-3-3) Cl. RW
Ch (6-6) RW
*R (5+4-4-5) Cl. RW
Ch (6-6) RW
R (3-3-3-3) Cl. RW
Ch (6-6) RW *
**Repeat four times, making five rings, then
R (5-4-4-5) Cl. RW
Ch (6-6) RW
R (3-3-3-3) Cl. RW
Ch (6-6) LJ to p before 1st chain. Cut, tie, and hide ends.

The problem with this flake is that the smaller rings didn’t quite give me the look I was going for, so I tried for something a little bit different, just by changing the stitch count and adding a join. Here’s the chart, as everything is the same except for the chains.

I still had the same problem, and decided for yet another variation:

This chart doesn’t show the correct scale.

And finally, the cart that I’m currently working on, and is a bit closer to what I want to achieve:

Still not fully happy with them, but oh well.

I’m planning on doing a better job at the chart once I get the pattern all figured out, so keep an eye out. I thought I’d share this little progression, and I’ll have full pictures later. My batteries are dead! (sigh)

Until then, happy tatting!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bead Tatting?

A few months ago when I first started tatting I recieved three tubes of glass seed beads. To keep them organized, I bought a holder for them that has little boxes that look like they would hold tick tacks.

Well, turns out that was a bad idea.

So far, I have five of them filled with beads and trinkets and only one hasn't opened at the wrong moment.

What does everyone else use for their beads? I'm at a total loss for storage, as I am horrible at organization..

Anywho, I have some more tatting that I would like to share, but I don't have access to my camera at the moment! Look a little later for some new motifs!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years Resolutions and Tatting

This past year has been an interesting one! Between school and RL, I'm surprised I was able to get anything done!

That said, I have some tiny tatts to share. All were made (with the exception of four motifs) because I needed to clear out my shuttles after making snowflakes, earrings, etc.

First up is "Dream" by YarnPlayer, in black Lizbeth size 20 with some copper seed beads. I love the way it turned out! This was my first project with beads, and I'm glad it went over so well. The small butterfly next to it was what was left on the shuttle. I was having fun with the beads this time! The purple butterflies were tatted with Omega size 20, but this was a nylon cord. It was a little difficult to work with, but once I got it I was off!

The next set includes a few snowflakes, all done in my own HDT's. I saw the snowflake at the 25 Motif Challenge page, tatted by Kathy. The pattern is by Sharon, and is called the Merry Christmas Snowflake. The colors from top left are Black Friday, Arctic Slushie, and Choco Strawberry Swirl. I also made a heart that I have misplaced the pattern to. It was my first attempt at a rose; I had three false starts before I got this one going! At the top is a motif where I ran out of thread while making a star, so I turned it into a square, tatted in Grape Vine.

Everything else around these are tiny tatts, again, including daisies, butterflies, and a cherry blossom, which is the beginning of a much larger project.

Nothing has been blocked or starched yet, so everything looks a bit wonky.

So far, these will bring my count up to nine. I need to put a gadget on my side bar for this so I can keep track.

I also have made another card. This time I was playing with the dye that I have and some stamps to see how it would look. Also found some nail art stickers for $1 and added them for a bit of texture.

It's blank inside as with the other two.

Also, I found this on my big computer, and thought I would share:

This is the first motif that I designed, which I haven't posted a picture of. I made this when I was still needle tatting, and had to hide a lot of ends. I'm writing the pattern out and it will be posted, as well as my Clover Square, in the coming month. I've had to tweak the square because it was buckling while I made the center, and I want to get a few more tries out with it.

My New Years resolutions tis year aren't as bad as with other years. Craft-wise, this is my list:

  • Learn to crochet
  • Make everyone a scarf, and have them done by September
  • Learn how to:
    Cluny Tat
    Split Chains
  • Get my dye supplies organized
  • Finish writing out the pattens to my motifs
  • Design at least one motif a month
  • Finish the 25 Motif Challenge
.. And I think that is all for now. Any more goals will be added later.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year and Post-Christmas Crafts?

I hope everyone is having a safe New Year, and that their holidays were filled with laughter and family!

After Christmas, it is a family tradition (mostly) to go out and shop. This year, I had some money that I wasn't expecting and spent it on ornaments. This was my second year in my own home, and as such I didn't have many ornaments to begin with.

I also got some to craft on, but that is another post.

Here are some of the ornaments that I scored at Dollar General:

One of the things I hate most about glittered ornaments is the fact that they seem to shed their glitter all over everything! My childhood is filled with memories of this glitter covering the floor and sticking to my hands and hair for weeks after the holiday was over. This time, I got a little smart and decided to seal it on and, with some help from Krista (thank-you!) I decided to do it outside on my clothesline., and thought I would share with others.

It would otherwise be unused this time of year, since it is too cold to do my laundry outside.

I've got another day before I can touch them to bring them back inside, but I think it will be worth the wait!

I also got a kit to make Japanese paper dolls, as well as a whole stack of origami paper. I've made three dolls, and two of them have been turned into cards:

My mom loved them so much she's keeping them and taking them to work!