Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bead Tatting?

A few months ago when I first started tatting I recieved three tubes of glass seed beads. To keep them organized, I bought a holder for them that has little boxes that look like they would hold tick tacks.

Well, turns out that was a bad idea.

So far, I have five of them filled with beads and trinkets and only one hasn't opened at the wrong moment.

What does everyone else use for their beads? I'm at a total loss for storage, as I am horrible at organization..

Anywho, I have some more tatting that I would like to share, but I don't have access to my camera at the moment! Look a little later for some new motifs!


Jane Eborall said...

This is what I use and it's the only sort I haven't had problems with!! You can get them in all sizes too!!

wickedtats said...

I have them in little bottles that I can get for cheap at the local craft/bead stores. I try to get the bottles with screw on tops (which are a bit more pricey) to avoid accidents. Each bottle is labelled with the size of the bead (in case I forget) and all the bottles are stored in a plastic drawer set that sits on my table. hope that helps.

Katherinne McKay said...

Thanks for the ideas ladies! I'll have to take a look next time I'm at Hobby Lobby. Thanks again!