Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year and Post-Christmas Crafts?

I hope everyone is having a safe New Year, and that their holidays were filled with laughter and family!

After Christmas, it is a family tradition (mostly) to go out and shop. This year, I had some money that I wasn't expecting and spent it on ornaments. This was my second year in my own home, and as such I didn't have many ornaments to begin with.

I also got some to craft on, but that is another post.

Here are some of the ornaments that I scored at Dollar General:

One of the things I hate most about glittered ornaments is the fact that they seem to shed their glitter all over everything! My childhood is filled with memories of this glitter covering the floor and sticking to my hands and hair for weeks after the holiday was over. This time, I got a little smart and decided to seal it on and, with some help from Krista (thank-you!) I decided to do it outside on my clothesline., and thought I would share with others.

It would otherwise be unused this time of year, since it is too cold to do my laundry outside.

I've got another day before I can touch them to bring them back inside, but I think it will be worth the wait!

I also got a kit to make Japanese paper dolls, as well as a whole stack of origami paper. I've made three dolls, and two of them have been turned into cards:

My mom loved them so much she's keeping them and taking them to work!

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Carol Lawecki said...

Great idea making cards with these geisha girls.