Monday, July 14, 2014

New Beginnings..

Hi all! I know most of you might not remember me.. It's been almost two years since I've last posted.. Well, things have been both rough and strange at the same time.

I've not crafted much in the last little bit. Instead, I've been trying to focus on everything that is in my life and get it all in order. I'm still dreaming of having my own farm, and hopefully that will take off soon!

M and I are still going strong. We've almost hit the 7 year mark, as well as the 2nd year since the passing of his father. It's been a bit rough since he's been staying with his mom and helping out his sister with her kids, and I've been mostly stuck up farther north where we don't get to see each other as much as we would like.

However! I've recently obtained a job where I have closer to steady hours, and a pretty significant salary raise from what I was making at my old job. Hopefully things will continue changing for the good!

I've also recently (as in the last few days) have decided to try out a new to me craft: quilting! I've not done too much just yet, but here's the first bit that have come close to being "finished":

Wait.. How is this picture animated? Um.. yeah.. sorry about that.. Huh. Well, that's part of Anna Ruby Falls in Helen, GA.. I clicked on the button to upload from my phone. Weird.. lol

So, yeah. I'm kinda creeped out, so I'll update again sometime later..

Happy crafting?