Sunday, November 15, 2009

New (possible) Tatting Pattern

Been working a lot on school, but I had this idea for a while and wanted to try it out. So, I sketched it out in illustrator, and this is the final result. I'm still working on the pattern itself, since I am only on the second chain of the first round. Here's the sketch as it stands now:

Yes, that is my chicken scratch of note taking hand writing. I will have this posted as soon as it is finished with tweaking. Two shuttle work, and this one was after a false start (closed a ring way too early and couldn't get it back open).

I've also been working on several other projects..

Heart's Desire

Jon's Quaintesque Snowflake

Got some really good shots of the snowflake, even though I ran out of white thread with ONE MORE CHAIN to go. (huff) Guess this means that I'll have a few more threads to hide, huh?

Both of these are tatted using threads that I've dyed myself. The Heart's Desire is tatted in a size 30 red that has a few flecks of darker (almost blood-) red. The snow flake is straight light blue and white (both size 20), though where I had the blue tied is still white. I tied it too tight!!

The blue was a quickie dye job -- I didn't let the dye stay on long; I just left it in the dye and took it out after five minutes. I love the color and these pictures make it look darker than it really is.

The Heart's Desire piece is finished, but I messed up on the last two joins, so it looks lop sided. I'll have pictures in my next post of the finished one, but for now I am going to bed. 'Night!

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