Monday, November 9, 2009

Gearing Up..

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This summer, I went and took a spotting class. It was pretty cool - we learned how to tell scuds from rotating wall clouds and what a tornado is and what to do when we see one.

I never imagined that I may have to put that knowledge to use so soon.

I do not live on the East Coast, however I do live in an area that may receive some of the fury of Ida. It's weakening, but even I know that a weak tropical storm can throw out some major super cells.

So, in light of the possibility of horrible weather, I am getting geared up for a long week of sleeping at other family's homes. If we were to have a severe tornado come through (which two years ago, we had a near miss with one forming above my sister's house and touching down a county over), I'd feel much, much safer inside a lovely brick house rather than steel and wood.

My tatting/knitting box from before is getting packed and ready for long nights of watching the news. This is going to be an interesting week!

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