Thursday, November 5, 2009

If at first you succeed,,

Dye, dye again! lol.

Spent a good deal of Sunday dying some thread, again! I had more colors to play with this time, and it looks as if I had a Kool-Aid fight!

On another note, today I realized I needed a better container to house the projects that I am currently working on. Since I've been working on them at school a lot, I found this little tin lunch box that is perfect for the job:

I bought it years ago when I was working at Claire's for fifty cents, and then promptly forgot about it! I had two of them, but gave one away to a room mate about a year ago.

It's the perfect size for the three projects that I'm working on at the moment:

And it will even hold my camera! The pencil cases that I was using weren't really practical since I had to stash them in with my books, taking up most of the room I have in my book bag. Right now, it's holding the beginnings of the Quaintesque snow flake as well as an original design that I'm trying to type and chart up.

It was a nice find!

Anyway, I'm thinking about offering up the threads as test threads. I've always wanted to dye yarn and fabric, and now that I've learned how with thread, it should be smooth sailing from here on in (cue the hurricane).

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Carol Lawecki said...

Looks like you had great success with dying the threads. The colos are so vibrant. What kind of dyes did you use?