Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ochid Update and some Tatting!!

The orchid that I re-potted nearly a month ago hasn't came back from it's sorry state. I'm still holding out the hope that it may live, but it's growing dimmer.

My other orchid has only lost one bloom since the pictures I've posted on the 9th of last month, and has gained another flower with one slowly opening up! Sadly, I think I've been over-watering it, so it looks as if I'm going to have to re-pot that one as well.

I also got a new orchid, this one is purple. Again, pictures will come later.

But, for now, I give you some tatting!

I think I'm getting better at shuttling. These two designs are my own, the second (and wet because it's being blocked) was a whoopsie moment. I had come up with the design and had written it out, then lost the paper! I forgot a 5-ds count on most of the chains, making this look way too cramped. The first one has the right stitch count, but as you can see, I'm not quite through with it. I'll post a pattern for it later, once I get it all ironed out.

Since today is a beautiful day, I'm going to dye some more thread. I have been using the thread that I dyed before, but now I'm needing some other colors for some other projects that I need to do. So, again, pictures to come when I get through with them. The thread is already skeined, too! ^^

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