Friday, May 14, 2010

Knit, Knit, Knit..

Been working on several items at once, so I thought I'd share. Sorry in advance for the blurry photos. I used my phone for them all.

The first is a pattern that I am trying to add to. It's loosely based on Ruth Perry's Eight Inch Doily that I've made while I was at the doctor with M. I couldn't remember the stitch count and didn't have the book with me, and let my fingers go. I'm adding on to it, and the second round isn't quite finished (it's rosetts, which are proving difficult):

And next are two knit projects, one is for my aunt on my mother's side:

She bought me that yarn years ago, and now I'm making her a scarf for Christmas. It's extremely soft, and if you've seen the movie Monster's INC, it looks like Sully's coloring! I'm a little further on this than the picture. When it's done, it'll be a zig-zag pattern, hence why it' leaning to the left.

And finally, a personal item to work on my knitted lacework:

This is the Gorgeous Goddess Shawl, from the Anti-Craft. I'm about half-way through if you only count from the rows. It's easy and is almost a no-brainer pattern. I love the background stitch!

I'm also swatching some more knitting for a secret project, which I'll share at a later date. 'Till then!

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