Friday, April 2, 2010

I feel like I should have more to show..

First off, I'm missing some of the tatting I've done since the last time I've blogged.

Why? Let me show you why..

Meet Izzie, my sister's newest addition to her family. She's the tiny one.. The larger one is my darling, Willow, who is nearly four years old. Izzy isn't even four months yet, so we're still in the chewing stage! (At last count, I have lost three single flip-flops and nearly a pair of sandals)

This lovable little demon likes to carry off things. Either I've put the tatting I've done in the last week down somewhere, or she has stolen it. I'm betting I've just placed it where it really needs to be stored, but I couldn't resist sharing a picture of her and my puppy! ^^

However, I do have a few things to show..

Here's the bulk of the items I've worked on. If I could find the other snowflake and doily, I'd show everything! From the top..

This medallion is from an antique pattern that I found on the Online Tatting Class website, but I can't remember which book it was in, but that it was simply called "Tatted Medallion."

**Edit: I found the book while looking for another pattern. The book is "The DMC Library Tatting Book," and the medallion number (there's several on the same page..) is #17. Now that I've found it again, I better print it! ^^

This is the 8-Inch Doily from "Easy Tatting" by Rozella F. Linden. I had another tatted just like this, but in black and in LadyShuttleMaker's Shades of Gray, but it's one of the ones I have misplaced..

And finaly, the "Flower Snowflake," from the same book as before. It didn't want to lay flat again, but some time with the iron really made a difference!

Also, since I haven't posted the pictures of the others, I'm not counting them yet. So, this brings my total up to 18!

I've also made a few more cards. More later, since I'm making the kimono as we speak..


Sharon D. said...

Love the picture of the puppy's. Thought I was the only one who put tatting up and forgot where I put it. Nice tatting and the cards are great. Have a Great Easter.

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Kathrinne, How cute the puppies are! My one cockatiel is named Willow. She is 13 years old and we named her when the Disney Movie, Pocahontas, was released for the tree Grandmother Willow. Anyway I hope your tatted pieces show up unharmed. Lovely tatting you do have pictures of. The Flowers Snowflake is very pretty. More beautiful oriental cards too. You have been busy!!

I have had many compliments on the pendant I made with your "Fire" HDT that you sent me. Everyone thinks the color is so pretty. I need to make matching earrings next!!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Love the kimonos - so nifty!

We really need to meet up - we are so close (I work in Buckhead).

Katherinne McKay said...

Sharon - luckily I found the tatting that I had misplaced.. It blended in with some paperwork that was the same colors as the thread! I'm still missing some of my earlier ones, though...

Carol - my aunt had a pair of cokatiels when I was younger.. One would whistle the Andy Griffith's theme, and the other would talk. They are wonderful birds!

Your pendant is pretty! I'm glad that you still like the thread. I might be dying more today, but will have to see..

Crazy Mom Tats - We should! It would be nifty to meet someone else who tats here in GA.. The only tatters I know personally are family, and both are sisters! (My mom and aunt)

Happy Easter, everyone! ^^

❦TattingChic said...

That's some lovely tatting you have shown off there! Your doggies are so pretty!
I am having a tatting giveaway to celebrate my 2 year blogoversary so come by if you haven't already!
Happy Easter!
~TattingChic ♥

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Cute story about the sweet dogs! Hopefully your tatted pieces will show up soon!

I don't have any pets, so it's usually my fault if something is missing! One small motif showed up in the middle of the hallway floor, all rolled up! I could easily have vacuumed it up!

On Marilee's blog you commented that eggs and ball ornaments seemed like a challenge to decorate. In both cases you can decorate them just with 'flat' motifs and not worry about tatting to fit the shape. It's especially easy to just 'pin' the motifs on, if the eggs or balls are made from the right materials. Or, you can use glue stick, which is easy to wash out of the tatting if you wish to remove it.

Your oriental cards are so clever and unique! I'm curious how you got started with those. I used to make the origami 'crane' and couldn't believe how tiny you made the one on Carol's card!