Monday, June 6, 2011

Sun Dress

I have been looking for some sun-dresses ever since we started getting them in at work. Let me tell you, some of the dresses we get in are totally adorable (though I have no hope of ever fitting in them.. Up to a size 12 in girls? lol), and shopping around I can't find any that are flattering as well as cute.

Cue last night, on a random pattern finding spree. I googled searched "how to make a sun dress" and got a bajillion results, but through surfing (using, I believe..) I found this tutorial:

Dragon Dress

It's called the dragon dress because of the fabric she used. Wish I could get some of that fabric, but it's either too expensive or not around here, so after a trip to the local department store (need I name it? >.<) I came home with these fabrics:

Two colors instead of the one print.. Mostly because I want a solid strap and some lining to the bust. I love this fabric! ^^

While these are drying, I'm going to try to tat up a quick edge to go along the waist band. No promises, though if it'll be finished in time.

I'll post pictures of the final product and any tatting I may have been able to finish for it. Wish me luck!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Ooh! I can't wait to see it!

When I was a girl, I loved sun dresses. My favorite was a reversible dress that I had for church. My sister Janet and I had matching dresses in different colors. I remember that one side was striped, and I think the other side was flowers. We'd wear one side to church in the morning, and reverse it for evening services.

My daughters also loved sun dresses. My husband would tease them and ask them where their moon dresses were. : )

Thanks for bringing back fond memories!

Katherinne McKay said...

Thanks Diane! ^^

I have never seen reversible sun dresses before.. I may have to see if I can make one! I have more fabric than I thought I did, in fact my clothes line was completely filled with fabric when I took that picture..

I've just recently began loving sun dresses. I've been a daddy's girl since I could remember, and wearing pants made more sense than dresses when moving cattle! lol

I hope to have it finished soon, and I'll share the results. I already have the tatting about a quarter done for the bodice. Thanks for commenting (and giving me ideas! ^^)