Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decisions and Weather

After my last post, I decided to give the Pinwheel doily another go, but with some different colors and with the outer row complete as well. I'm going to dye the threads (which I nearly have ready) so they match or compliment the colors that my living room is going to be painted in. I've already got the feature wall painted though! (Go me! ^^)

These past few weeks have been a roller coaster where the weather is concerned.. leading me to buy various plants that I needed to get in the ground. I'm proud to say that I have, and love this little blueberry that I hope one day will give me lots of fruit!

And by little I mean tiny..

And I also got more raspberries in the ground as well..

But didn't realize just how crooked my lines were until I viewed the picture on my laptop. lol I can't make straight lines to save my life! You can't really see where they are in the picture.. My phone can't capture all the details like I want.

Also planted two more blueberry bushes with the ones I planted last year. This brings my total blueberry bush count to six, with five raspberry vines. I love berries! lol

Nothing else left to really say. I've wanted to do some crafting, but haven't really had the time other than to garden. Oh! Other than these!

I love living on a farm! XD

Also.. Anyone going to Bonnaroo? If so, e-mail me!

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