Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snowflakes (+ a thread give away)

This has been a busy time for me in the past few weeks, and I'm glad to say that while my spring cleaning isn't completed yet, I did have time to tat!

I recently bought this book at a semi-local used book store (who could special order books with ISBNs), and thought I'd share a few of the results.
Here's everything that I'm sharing today. All of the snowflakes that I have done so far require a center ring that is tied and cut and then a second round following. I didn't follow this step since I'm working on my split rings and have made the start of the second round by climbing out. I think they've turned out lovely!

These were both tatted in size 20 Lizbeth thread in the color "Victorian Red". I love this color; it's deep and has a bit of a purple-ly sheen to it. The top flake is the "Ribbon-Floss Snowflake" and the bottom one is the "Tiny Snowflake".

Went to Michael's a few days ago, wanting to get some DMC thread in Ecru, but they were out. So, I came home with some more Royal crochet thread, this time in "Bridal Blue". The size is a size 10, but tats up bigger than the other size 10s that I have used in the past. These snowflakes are "Trefoil" and "Ribbon-Floss" again. The next one I'm having problems with..

This one is the "Flower Snowflake" and it isn't wanting to lie flat. It's only rings/chains, nothing fancy, but I'm not sure how this is turning out. The pattern uses only one shuttle and the ball thread, but it calls for size 20, and this is 10. Maybe that's why the flake isn't flat. I'll have to re-tat with smaller thread..

I've also tatted the star pattern out of this book, but have put them away before I could take any pictures. They were the last items I tatted before starting to clean, and there's no telling where they ended up.

I've also got about half of the thread that I've skeined dyed and rinsed! These are the early results:

DMC Size 10 Baroque

Aunt Lydia Size 10

Lizbeth Size 20

The Lizbeth thread held the colors the best, but I'm not 100% on the results. On the one I call "Orchid Blossom," some purple ended up in the middle of the white section, causing a bit of a blemish.

I'm offering these up for anyone who may want them, free of charge. They're all 50 yard skeins (plus a bit more, due to the way that I wound them). If anyone wants, comment here.


Jane Eborall said...

As a recent convert to HDT (and struggling to stop becoming addicted to it) I'd love to put my name down, pretty please with sprinkles on the top.

Martha said...

Dear Katherinne,
I would love to try out your thread. Ooh, while I was typing, Jane just jumped in line ahead of me :) I like best either the blue & purple size 10, or the purple size 20 (it's not blemished, it's interesting!)or just anything at all! So please count me in too, thanks!

Sharon D. said...

I love HDT thread. Would love to try out your thread. Love the color

Beelizabeth said...

I am an HDT addict- I would really love to try some of yours. They're gorgeous and I'm not fussy about colors. Of course I don't have my own blog but I would email you a scan of my results and try to post them on InTatters (I'm still trying to get the hang or that.)

Trayna said...

I would love a chance to enter your great giveaway please - you can NEVER have too much HDT & the more dyers the better the variety! Thank you for your generosity.

H J said...

Please do enter me in your giveaway, any color is fine.
The colors are lovely, and I am curious as to how they will look once tatted.
Thank you.

Carol Lawecki said...

I'd love to be entered in your hdt giveaway. All your threads are such gorgeous colors. THanks so much!!

Ladytats said...

i love HDT, that is almost the only thread that I buy any more. I would love to try some of yours.

I think that you get the best results to colored tatting the HDT, the color ways and spacing of changes make the lace so much more interesting.

beinuppity said...

How beautiful! And all my favorite colors. I'm sure you've already given away these skeins by now, but I'd love to have some. Are you on Etsy?