Thursday, December 2, 2010

25 Motif Challenge, Finished!

A quick tribute to all of my tatting done this past year. I nearly didn't make it, but whew! To view the newest of the challenge, click here. (Thought that may make it easier for you, Sharon!) Links to the patterns will follow at the end of the post. This is a little latter than I promised, sorry!

My challenge started on December 19th, which I posted these four ornaments. I never got around to posting finished pictures of them.

Next came these..

Afterward, I went on a snowflake spree..

And then doilies..

How many times can one have #23 for the challenge? Aparently, three times.

And finally, the finished products..

The first picture was while I was working on the Hearts in a Snowflake, and is the only phone pic that I'm re-showing on this post. I can't find the Merry Christmas Snowflake, otherwise I'd have a better picture to share.

I suppose this is a bit of an anti-climax, but I'm glad I was able to complete this challenge! I will be joining again after the first of the year, only this next time I want to make all of my own patterns!

Thanks to everyone who has commented and supported me in this challenge!

And here's the breakdown of the patterns that I promised.
  1. Victorian Ornament. (Cant find the link to the pattern. If anyone knows who the designer is, please tell me so I can add it here!)
  2. Snowflake Book Clip, via the Online Tatting Class & Georgia Seitz
  3. Dream by Yarn Player
  4. Ruffled Heart, by Vicki Clarke
  5. Merry Christmas Snowflake, by Sharon Briggs
  6. Various Snowflakes, from the book Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman:
    Ribbon Floss snowflake, Tiny Snowflake, Trefoil, and Flower Flake
  7. The DMC Tatting Book, Medallion #17, from the Online Tatting Class (open domain)
  8. Eight Inch Doily, from Easy Tatting, by Rozella F. Linden
  9. Edging, from A New Twist on Tatting, Catherine Austin
  10. Indian Summer Earrings, by Nina Libin (kit number BNL-102 is the necklace version that I'm getting the courage up to work on..)
  11. Hearts in a Snowflake, by Jon Yuseff
Threads Used (mostly):
  • "Icicle" and "Shades of Gray" HDT size 20, Lady Shuttle Maker
  • Purple Omega size 20, Nylon
  • Lizbeth size 20, Black, Victorian Red, Leaf Green Light, Spring Garden, Falling Leaves, Denim Whisper, Antique Violet and White
  • Personal HDT's, Aunt Lydia size 20
  • Royal Size 10, "Bridal Blue"
  • DMC Cebela, size 1o White
Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday rush! I may not be posting much this month (getting ready for reunions that seem to come every weekend and work and lots of other things). I'll try to post, but no promises!

Happy Hols to everyone!


Corina said...

Congratulations on finishing your challenge! You have created beautiful tatting-pieces!

Tattingrid said...

Congratulations!! Are you joining for a second challenge??

Katherinne McKay said...

Corina - Thanks! This was my first time doing the challenge, and I was still a beginner when I started. I feel more confident now with my tatting!

Tattingrid - I am planning on starting again, but not right now. I have so many things going, that I need a break from blogging! I'll be back on this blog in the following weeks, after all the Christmas Cheer and last-minute gift making!