Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taking a break..

Had to take a break from the doily. Apparently I can't keep my mind on one project at the time, as I now have a few new earrings to share. Pattern from

Yes, that is my white board. What's funny is I left these on the board because I had to rush to work, and found a little note telling me that my roommate liked the ones with the beads! I'm working on matching bracelets, without beads right now, and it's almost finished (sorry! No picture!)

I've found that I've gotten bored with most of the crafts I've been into. Does this happen to anyone? I'm still tatting and spinning, but my knitted lace as well as crochet has taken a back-burner. Right now, I'm trying to get organized. My current work area is all over the house and I can never find what I'm looking for!

Hmm.. If it's pretty tomorrow, I may pull out my dye and paint something.. Lots to think about..

I'll lave you now with this picture. The peach trees are blooming, and my roommate spotted this one in our back yard and I had to get some shots of it.

Happy tatting! ^^

edit: Sorry if there are more than one of these in your blogrolls.. I couldn't get the peach image to work correctly - ie. no link to fuller image. I still can't, so it'll have to stay this way, but if you want to view on Picasa, click here.

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God's Kid said...

Nice earrings! :)
I tend to wander from craft to craft too. I think it's the creative mind. :)