Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prayer Request

This past week has been a total roller coaster for everyone in M's household, and I'd like to request that anyone who does pray to pray for them.

Nana went in for a knee surgery this past Tuesday and made it through alright. She was up and taking her first tentative steps and was lucid.

Later in the evening on Wednesday, she suffered a heart attack and went without oxygen for eight minutes and lapsed into a coma.

As of right now, being 72 hours out of first slipping under, it's looking like she won't wake up.

Please keep M and his family in your prayers. I'm still hopeful she will pull through, but it's looking bleaker by the minute.

Thanks for reading, and I wish the brightest of blessings to all.

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Karen said...

May God encourage M's family and you. Karen