Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello, all!

I bought some kits a while back (ssh.. Don't tell anyone -- I've held on to them since before I started tatting!) for quilling Christmas ornaments and snowflakes. I managed to finish one snowflake and get started on a second, but then set it aside and misplaced my tools. I finally caved and bought a new quilling needle, which wasn't so bad as the price had dropped since I last was looking. Boy was that a good idea!

After rekindling this craft at home, I decided that I would look for and purchase some new papers. There's not too much to choose from at the craft stores I go to, and what is there has shrunk since I first got into this. So, I found a new webstore, and tried them out: Quilling Super Store. Well, I went a bit crazy..

Look at all those pretty papers!! ^^

Now that I have them, I don't know what all patterns that I'm going to be using. I know a bunch of snowflakes and ornaments, but other than that?

.. Anyone use quilling for scrapbooking?

Also pulled out some embroidery floss and started a rune bookmark for a friend. Hope she likes the colors; she's very earthy and I didn't have any green!

I have some tatting bits that will be ready to be started sometime this week. I have quite a bit of time off from work, so I'm trying to get up some patterns for earrings and whatnot to sell as well. I've also got a theme for next month, providing I can get the projects anywhere close to done. (hint- look at the side bar! ^^) We shall see! lol

Happy crafting, all!

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I think quilling is beautiful, but I never got the hang of it. Of course, I tried it back in the early 70s, and I don't remember quilling papers or needles being available. I think having the right materials and tools makes all the difference in the world. Your snowflakes are beautiful!