Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a quick "Hello"

Been kind of scatter-brained since my last post, and while I do have some tatting to share, I'm holding off 'till it's been blocked and finished. Erm.. Somewhat finished, that is. Working on another (larger) doily, and am still working on the medallions that need to go around it.

Wanted to share what I have been doing, though. lol


See, I've been spring cleaning and I've ran across an enormous amount of white thread. What to do, what to do?

Also, my mom found some hankies at our local Dollar General that are 100% cotton for a rather decent price..

So of course I went out and bought a bunch to play with. There's both straight and scalloped edged hankies, and both have roses on them. Hmm.. I think I'll go get some more! lol

Which reminds me.. What color hanky do you prefer to tat around?

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