Friday, October 9, 2009

Orchid and Lots of Pictures

I haven't been up to much in the past two weeks. My birthday came and went, and the rain finally let up so we could have some really gorgeous days.

I've also been taking pictures for class, which has been interesting. M took me out of state for a late birthday present, taking me down to Daytona Beach, which I will post pictures of later (they're on a different computer). It was so much fun!

On my birthday, Kelly (who I still haven't started his scarf yet..) bought me an orchid. This is NOT the orchid that he bought me, rather it's the one my parents got me for Valentine's this past year.
So, I know how to take care of them. I mean, yes, I did freak out when the flowers fell off and the stem 'died' the first time, but now I know what to expect. This one has been blooming for the past three weeks (no idea how I've managed that.. last time it stayed blooming for two), and it's starting to put out new growth. My problem is, the one that I got for my birthday is wilting and is almost dead.

I posted about it on Yahoo! questions, and got the response that it may need to be re-potted. So, following their advice, I did just that, and this is how my afternoon has been so far. So many pictures, but I think they speak for themselves.

Yes, it looks really sickly. If I hadn't re-potted it, I know it would have died. Honestly, a clear plastic pot? What were they thinking?! The roots look a little dry, but I hope that they will get better now that they have a bit more room.

I'm kind of worried about the planting medium, but what else can I do when that's the only type that the store had?

Anyway, I'm taking pictures of Mack's scarf now, so I will be posting them later on in the day. As it is, this post has too many pictures. Since I'm so close, may add pictures of the before, during, finishing, and finished pieces.

.. Or maybe not. Haven't decided quite yet!

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