Monday, September 21, 2009


In case others outside haven't heard, the capitol of my state is currently getting flooded.

( pic courtesy WSBTV, found here)

I skipped classes today because of my back hurting so bad, but now I'm kind of glad that I didn't make it out of the door.

Thankfully, we haven't had much more than just standing water, but after the drought we've had the past five or so years (because here in the N-GA mountians, we haven't been getting as much rain as the rest of the state), it's not looking good. Last night, we had 5-inches of rain in less than twelve hours, which is more rain than we've gotten total in, oh.. Six or seven months?

I'm glad that the drought is over, but at this rate, we will all be flooded. Right now (at least in my town), we are in a lull, but another band is getting ready to push through. We're in for a rough night.

We've been given a flood warning, so I'm moving up to my grandparent's house. They live on top of a hill, where as my house is in a hole.

Pray for everyone; this is some of the worst weather we've had in a while.

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