Friday, December 4, 2009

Finals, Yarn, Thread, and Dye

Finals are next week, and I only have to go for three days, and two aren't for tests! ^^

Anywho, I'm gearing up for another round of dying. I didn't get the chance a week ago to dye, mostly because it was Black Friday and I had to work the early shift (whew! so glad that is over!!) This time, I'm making a Christmas gift for a friend who crochets (making a skein of HDT.. erm.. hand-dyed yarn?) that is purple and black. She chose the colors! I'm also going to be dying some thread, so I've got to choose my colors soon!

I'm trying to get everything skeined, so keep a look out! I will also be adding some more tatting, as well as a full pattern to my Clover Square. I've only got to finish the final corner and type up the pattern and I will be done! ^^

Pics will be up (save those for the thread exchange.. I'll add those when my partners get their thread! lol) sometime later, after it's all said and done. Happy tatting everyone! ^^

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