Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What do you get..

When you have two buckets of dirt, one bag of potting soil, and several pieces of wood?

Answer: This!

I had bought a few mums and violets for a fall garden this year, and didn't have enough planter boxes for them. So, my grandparents and I made two and planted the flowers in them!

Also spent some time out of town yesterday with Kelly and Mack. We went to Helen to Anna Ruby Falls (love love LOVE that place!!) to look at the leaves and take pictures.

Took awhile to get the settings right; the sun was in the worst place to take time lapse pictures.

No tatting or crafty things to say today. Just taking some time to share! ^^

(edit - realized I posted the blurry picture of the falls, so I put in a better one! Sorry! ^^)

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