Saturday, May 12, 2012


.. and a question..

I recently went on a fabric buying spree, wanting to try my hand at sewing some garments. I know I went through this phase last year but never used the fabric that I purchased, but this time I have (nearly) everything ready to go!

First up, I bought this fabric yesterday, and have decided that both fabrics work really well together and thus bought a zipper to go with it:

 My question is, if I were to add a little bit of tatting on it somewhere (either on the band under my bust or on the straps), what color should I use? And should I use size 10 thread or 20? I'm planning on using the same pattern that I found nearly a year ago and blogged about here.. Not sure what edging to use just yet tho!

Also got some fabric to make some pj pants:

Although I don't know so much about the bottom one. I'm starting to think it'd make a good sun dress as well.. or maybe a skirt with a nice yellow top? Hmm..

And then, I found this fabric in the bargain bin:

And have decided to find some coordinating fabrics to create a plethora of these:

My project list seems to be growing instead of shrinking, but I think that I have a firm grasp of what I want to accomplish. Here's to successful projects! lol

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wickedtats said...

the night owl pot holder is the cutest thing ever!