Monday, June 4, 2012

Too many choices!!

So, I'm getting close to going on vacation, and I've found myself trying to decide what to take.

Clothes wise it's a no-brainer, since it's going to be camping and a lot of walking with lots and lots of sunshine and dust. Craft wise, it's not so easy..

I want to take something small as we will have quite a bit of free time during the morning and a bit at night. I don't know what to take though! Do I take a book and try to read it? Do I take some tatting supplies and run the risk of ruining the thread and lace because of sweating and the dust? Or do I take something else? Knitting is out -- I haven't spun the yarn I want to use just yet.. As is crochet 'cause all of my hooks are packed away and hidden where I can't find them. Quilling? Possibly. Hmm..

It's been years since I've last been camping, and I can't decide. What would you take?

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Gunhild said...

Hallo, as it is vacation take what you normaly do not do, or wake up tomorrow, fully relaxed and chose whta would you love to do then!
Good choice!