Monday, August 24, 2009

Current works..

School has started again, but that isn't stopping my attempts at tatting! Since it's so close to Christmas, I have started on some Christmas-y patterns, and this is the first:

This is a beaded ornament by Debbie Arnold, and is the first that I have attempted to go on a ball. I will need to get a set of larger glass balls since the ones that I have are just a little too small..

As you can see in my picture, I'm tatting with a needle and using a shuttle that has a crochet hook at the end. The hook is smaller than my other full-sized hooks, and is perfect for this. I'm also using the thread that has been wound on a floss holder. The ball this was being tatted off of is getting a little wild since I'm so close to the end of it!

So far, this has Lizabeth Dark Purple and Bright Turqoise (I think). I don't have the numbers of them with me at the moment.. I might also use Carribbian when I get to the third and fourth rows. Haven't decided, since this is a sample project and is by no means going to be a final product.

There are many, many mistakes on this one, however I am only using one needle instead of two. More later!

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