Saturday, August 15, 2009

Out of Town!!

But not taking a break from tatting, it seems.

We left this morning around seven-thirty, eight o'clock, and my mom decided to ask me to bring my tatting things. I've been trying to help her learn how to do this -- my great-grandmother tried to teach her while she was a child but all she could make were knots!

Good thing my workspace is so portable, otherwise I may go crazy trying to keep up with it all!!

Also designing in my office/craft space to get ready for this Christmas. I'm hoping that on the way home we can stop again at the flea market we stopped at before lunch and get some baskets -- M's family are all getting some good ol' southern goodness for Christmas this year!! I'm hoping to get some snowflakes tatted up for them to go with everything.. I've got a lot to do before then!!

Also learned a new way to knit, so everyone may be getting hats/scarves as well. Just need to get the yarn and I'll be good to go!^^

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