Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Firstly, I have been putting this off for awhile, but now I have no excuse not to!

These are the HDT's that I ordered from Lady Shuttle Maker, and are these colors (clockwise from top-left): Icicle (size 20) x2, Shades of Gray (size 20) and Autumn Medley (size 80). The tiny tatted medallion is based on a daisy pattern that I can't remember where the pattern is, but is very easy to make! The camera doesn't do these threads justice; the colors are more vibrant than they look!

Also, was surfing earlier today, and ran across a post on another blog about posting pictures of where people tat. Since I don't have my office ready, I tat on my futon in the living room, and house all of my items in these boxes:

Sis and I are going to be going through a furniture swap in the next few days. I will be sayng bye to a wing-back chair to say hello to a fluffy blue recliner! I love that chair and can't wait to get it in place. Not sure if it will go in the living room or in the office, as it will most likely become my crafty chair.

More pictures to come as I get some projects done! ^^

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