Sunday, August 22, 2010


Forgive the blurries; my camera is currently with my mom and is suffering a severe case of dead batteries..

First off, I really want to ge this picture out of the way..

I have been working on this doily for it seems forever, but it's only three rounds. I had to cut off the outer round when I was nearly done because of an error on my part. It's looking really good right now, just need to add a little bit more thread to the orange shuttle and block then it'll be on it's way to it's home at my grandmother's.

The next is the bracelet that I was working on that prompted the question about the threads yesterday.

This has been blocked, even though at the moment it doesn't look like it. It's been passed around so much that it has lost its shape. It's the first time I've done a SCMR with a bead in the center, and started as a doodle. I really loved the way it was turning out until the last join and how it felt like it wasn't going to hold it's shape. While I was blocking, I was careful about the pin placement while making sure I didn't pierce the thread, but with the picots it didn't matter. They started to split and are low a little limp. This is tatted in Royal size 10 thread, in Bridal Blue.

After my rant last night, I made this..

Made out of DMC Cebelia, size 10. I tired to maintain a slightly looser tension than in the last as I've been a tight tatter since I started shuttling. After finishing what I loaded on the shuttles, I tried again..

And this one is in the same thread, but with different stitch counts. The one up top is bigger than the blue bracelet, so I think the thread is larger..

This thread is a little stiffer than the Royal threads, and the picots are holding up better as well as holding its shape. I had to pose the first one, while the second and third were just set on my laptop.

My mom likes the third the best, because of the stitch count being so different. Any thoughts? The bracelets are going to have beads like the first one when I get the pattern situated.. (I'm also going to try this in a size 20 thread and finer just to see how it would look..)


Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Katherinne, Your doily is very pretty! And I love how your bracelt turned out. It's a very nice design!!

God's Kid said...

Both your doily and your bracelet are beautiful! :)