Monday, August 30, 2010

The Post Lady..

She must be getting tired of packages. Between my sister and I, we have had too many packages to count arrive at our doorsteps in the past two weeks!

I apologize in advance. This post was going to be HUGE, if I didn't split it up like I have. Thought this would be easier, to!

Since I've jumped in head first to spinning, I bought my first drop spindle. The one I've been using has a lot of tape to hold it together, and it ends up snagging on the fibers as I spin them. So, after a troll through Etsy, I stumbled upon Tinas Angoras and picked up this little up-cycled knitting needle with the zodiac around it:

It's super cute and super small! I also got some fiber with it, but it isn't carded and I can't prep it before using it.

I also found some gossamer yarn that can be used as-is or also spun with some other fibers.

The shop closed soon after I bought this, so I can't buy from them again. This was hand dyed by Spin Girl, and is almost a size 20 thread. It's a little fuzzy for tatting (and I haven't tried it for anything just yet), but I have 600 yards of this. Time to wind into a ball! ^^

Also, my Rosewood yarn is fished. This has the spin set (I hope!) and is ready to be wound into a ball and knitted. It's a bit bumpy, but for my second skein of hand-spun, I think I like it!

Again, this color way is by Slim Chicken, and was super easy to work with! I have some of the Glowing Embers fiber to spin, but that will come later.

Next up is tatting! ^^

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