Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Question..

I've been tatting with my size 10 Royal thread, and it's a lot softer than I remember. Maybe it's just because it's been handled (and drug by a puppy) so much, but I'm not liking the way all my picots and chains are looking.

I would have some tatting, if I didn't have to block what I have so aggressively, but ces't la vie, right?

My question is this: Of the size 10 threads, which do you like the best? I haven't tried the Lizbeth size 10 just yet, and the Aunt Lydia threads I have in that size are too soft as well.

Thoughts, everyone? I have a bracelet design that I'm hoping will look better with a stiffer thread..

I'll post a picture of what I mean when the piece dries.


BSOTF said...

Ok, try to relax when tatting so you don't have to do so aggressively. Do you let your shuttle unwind from time to time while you are tatting? You are right size 10 thread is soft like the rest of the sizes. I know I haven't seen your picture yet. Except if you breath so you keep relaxed while tatting & let your shuttle unwind while you are tatting, that's half the battle.
This will sound crazy to some. But it does work. I'm not saying that I have all or know all the answers. Except this works wonders in many ways for many situations. Smile & relax. I'm sure you will get the answer to all of it real soon. One step at a time, you will work it out.

wickedtats said...

Well I'm not too 'in' with size 10 threads.

I've tried Aunt Lydias, DMC traditions, Melanie and South Maid. So far I think DMC traditions was the best. =)

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Lizbeth is relatively stiff. I use very little size 10, mainly for snowflakes, so I'm not an expert. But Lizbeth is what I'm using for my TAT exam. Do you want a sample?

Katherinne McKay said...

BSOTF - I do let it untwist while I tatt.. After I had some problems with some of my other threads, I learned how to let it flow the way it wants to. I'm also trying to make sure it goes on the shuttle with as little twisting as possible. Posting the pictures as soon as they can upload.

wickedtats - I've tried Aunt Lydia's, and I find I like the size 30 the best out of that brand, or the size 3 when I'm making large flowers. I'm trying out some DMC Cebelia thread in the size 10, and haven't heard of the others you mentioned.. Have you ever tried the DMC Baroque?

Crazy Mom Tats! - I would love to try the Lizbeth threads. I have some threads up for adoption at TTE, or I can dye you some custom colors? I'm planning on dying some in the next week..