Friday, August 20, 2010

Spin, spin, spin...

I bought some fiber in the last two weeks with the thought that I'd give spinning a try.

I didn't buy a drop spindle. I had read online how to make your own using two CD's and some other things around the house, and found I only needed to spend about $4 for what I didn't have. Being a geek really came in handy, as I have far too many scratched CD's hanging around with the hopes I'll be able to get the data off of them!

So, I pulled them out and started playing around. After several YouTube videos, I managed to get a small skein spun.

There's nt much in this hank. It's two ounces of Merino Superwash by the Etsy seller slimchicken. The color is "Nightgreens," and is very dark. The picture here doesn't capture the color that well, since I had to use the flash.

Next up is the Fruit Wood fiber. I'm spinning this one a little thinner, so hopefully I'll get some better yardage!

Tatting will come tomorrow, as well as an update on some of my other projects I've been working on!

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