Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Family!

Well, new plants.. Remember this one?

I posted this picture way back nearly a year ago (wow has it been that long??), and this orchid has since lost all of its blooms and went dormant. I thought I had nearly killed it, but it's started growing some new roots and leaves.

I have since added to my collection, and wanted to show them off a little before they all go into hibernation. These first two are my largest, with two and five flower stalks on them. The deeper purple one I got as an early birthday present from my sister, and has the most flowers on them. The second one is the inspiration for my dyed thread "Orchid Blossom," and is a lot deeper in real life.

The next two are TINY. Their blossoms are about the size of quarters, and are so quirky!

I have since bought another of the small ones but it only has a single blossom on it. I'll take a picture before it falls, but it's coloring is a mix between the two larger blossoms up top.

I've also expanded into Miniature Roses and African Violets, but only have this picture to share:

Yes, it's a phone pic, but it's all I was able to get of my violet before the blooms faded!

No new tatting for now; been trying to get better organized. I have way too many crafts and hobbies now!

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