Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Single Shuttle Split Rings

So, I was trolling through some webpages the other day after hearing mention of SSSR's at tat days and (re)found a pattern that I really, really loved. It's the Ringtrim dragon, by Anne Bruvold, and is absolutely cute!

So, I followed the link to the technique and learned how to create them, and then did a few in sequence.

It took me a few times to fully grasp the concept, but I think I got it eventually. These are rings of 3-3/3-3, in a size 10 thread. I then switched to a size 40 (because I got some while at Tat Days), and my new shuttles.

The colors are Lizbeth "Antique Violet Light" and "Purple Splendor". I think I jumped the gun on this a little too quickly; I had only used this size thread for one other (unfinished) project, and so wasn't fully used to it's size.

All in all, I think he turned out pretty cute! I have loads of thread still on my shuttles, so I will be making more of him later today as practice. He's also not going to be counted for my 25 motifs since I'm still learning this.

Will be dying later on this week. Gotta skein some thread first! ^^


God's Kid said...

Very nice tatting there! Reading your post was great till I hit the part that said "will be dying later on this week" and I had to stop and then read on to get past the worry. :) Glad you are "dying" thread! :D
Have a great weekend!

Katherinne McKay said...

;) It's always a kick to say that to my family. They always stop and gets a kick out of it when I say that!