Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tatting in Public

Oh no! She's got a drill! Y'all run!

Seriously though, several things in this post. First of which is some tatting that I've been working on for a bit..

How many remember the bracelet from a few weeks ago that I was having problems with? I finally finished a full prototype (and, consequently, figured out that I need to re-work the pattern again..). Here it is:

Sorry for the awkwardness of the images. I took these by myself while my sister watched Betty White on Lenno tonight. This has been blocked, but I've learned a few things about this:

  1. Perhaps one less repeat of the ring/chains would be in order. It's a little (ok, A LOT) loose, even on me.
  2. Start at a different point. The last few joins are a bit fiddly.
  3. Hiding ends as you go is way easier when you have a better-quality bead needle than those you can purchase at your local Wal*Mart.
I'm thinking on trying this with smaller beads and a size 20 thread. This was made using 4mm glass pearls and size 10 Cebelia. The middle bead I have no idea about the size -- it came from an up-cycled bracelet that I destroyed. This is motif #23 for the challenge. I'm hoping to make some earrings to match, and possibly a necklace. I may be offering this pattern up for free, but haven't decided if I should..

Next up is a bit from when I was at the doctor's office with some family.

I had some size 10 thread left on my new shuttles, so I tried to do a rings-only bit of edging. For not having some picot gauges, I think I did pretty well! Spacing is my biggest problem, if you couldn't tell.. The motif on top is in size 40 Lizbeth and is a doodle.

The entire time I was in the office I was self-conscious about tatting. Mainly the clicks that can be heard from winding/unwinding the shuttle. Anyone else feel the same? There weren't many people in the waiting room, mostly people that worked in the office and a family who spoke more Spanish than English. They kept staring at me, but never said a word to me!

Also finished up a pair of the Owl Mitts, but I still need to embroider on them to show the outlines of the owls and add buttons for the eyes.

My sister is modeling these, and really wants them for work and before Christmas. I'm working on a pair for myself, but in a lighter heather gray than the last post I did on them.

I also had an unexpected trip to the Gwinnett Arena this past weekend. I got to hang out with Mack and Kelly (which I don't get to do as much as I would like..) at the annual Japan Fest. Sorry, not many pictures were taken, although I did manage to take this one of some Ikibana:

It looked prettier in real life. I have never been able to fully grasp the idea behind it, so I enjoy what others have done! If I can find the pictures from last year, I'll post them on my Flikr.

Another good (splurge) thing to come out of the trip was some washi paper that I can use for my cards. That is, if I can find the will to cut the paper! I'll share later, once I figure out what I want to do with them.

As for the drill..

Need I say more?


God's Kid said...

I love your bracelet! The design is amazing! It makes me think of a bride because it's so elegant! :)

Katherinne McKay said...

Thanks! I'm trying to write up the pattern, and then it'll be shared!