Monday, August 30, 2010

Tat Days!

I was able to go to Tat Days this year, but only on Saturday. My mother came with me, and we both took classes, she taking level 1 and I level 2. We missed the first classes that morning, but I was able to join in Nina Libin's class for her Indian Summer necklace and earring set.

I admit, I didn't take too many pictures while there as I was more interested in meeting people than looking through the view finder. However, I was able to snap this shot at lunch:

It was absolutely beautiful, and it wasn't a bad drive. It was about an hour up the road from here, with only getting on the interstate for about six miles. I got some new shuttles, crochet hooks, and thread, while my mother got some new Aeros and some bobbins. I don't have many pictures of the goodies I got (my battery died before I was able to take many), so here's a bit of eye-candy:

This was the pattern that I was working on. I had to retro tat the second chain I know five times before I got it right! I had also never worked with this type of thread. It was a wonderful challenge!
And after nearly three hours, I was able to get the first one finished.

I finished the second yesterday before work. My only "problem" with these are the ear wires. I'm allergic to most metals but sterling silver and 14 kt gold, and these are neither. I need to find some to finish these off, but I don't know if I'll be able to get the color I need.

This is #23 of my 25 motif challenge. I hope to have the necklace finished soon!

The Post Lady..

She must be getting tired of packages. Between my sister and I, we have had too many packages to count arrive at our doorsteps in the past two weeks!

I apologize in advance. This post was going to be HUGE, if I didn't split it up like I have. Thought this would be easier, to!

Since I've jumped in head first to spinning, I bought my first drop spindle. The one I've been using has a lot of tape to hold it together, and it ends up snagging on the fibers as I spin them. So, after a troll through Etsy, I stumbled upon Tinas Angoras and picked up this little up-cycled knitting needle with the zodiac around it:

It's super cute and super small! I also got some fiber with it, but it isn't carded and I can't prep it before using it.

I also found some gossamer yarn that can be used as-is or also spun with some other fibers.

The shop closed soon after I bought this, so I can't buy from them again. This was hand dyed by Spin Girl, and is almost a size 20 thread. It's a little fuzzy for tatting (and I haven't tried it for anything just yet), but I have 600 yards of this. Time to wind into a ball! ^^

Also, my Rosewood yarn is fished. This has the spin set (I hope!) and is ready to be wound into a ball and knitted. It's a bit bumpy, but for my second skein of hand-spun, I think I like it!

Again, this color way is by Slim Chicken, and was super easy to work with! I have some of the Glowing Embers fiber to spin, but that will come later.

Next up is tatting! ^^

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Forgive the blurries; my camera is currently with my mom and is suffering a severe case of dead batteries..

First off, I really want to ge this picture out of the way..

I have been working on this doily for it seems forever, but it's only three rounds. I had to cut off the outer round when I was nearly done because of an error on my part. It's looking really good right now, just need to add a little bit more thread to the orange shuttle and block then it'll be on it's way to it's home at my grandmother's.

The next is the bracelet that I was working on that prompted the question about the threads yesterday.

This has been blocked, even though at the moment it doesn't look like it. It's been passed around so much that it has lost its shape. It's the first time I've done a SCMR with a bead in the center, and started as a doodle. I really loved the way it was turning out until the last join and how it felt like it wasn't going to hold it's shape. While I was blocking, I was careful about the pin placement while making sure I didn't pierce the thread, but with the picots it didn't matter. They started to split and are low a little limp. This is tatted in Royal size 10 thread, in Bridal Blue.

After my rant last night, I made this..

Made out of DMC Cebelia, size 10. I tired to maintain a slightly looser tension than in the last as I've been a tight tatter since I started shuttling. After finishing what I loaded on the shuttles, I tried again..

And this one is in the same thread, but with different stitch counts. The one up top is bigger than the blue bracelet, so I think the thread is larger..

This thread is a little stiffer than the Royal threads, and the picots are holding up better as well as holding its shape. I had to pose the first one, while the second and third were just set on my laptop.

My mom likes the third the best, because of the stitch count being so different. Any thoughts? The bracelets are going to have beads like the first one when I get the pattern situated.. (I'm also going to try this in a size 20 thread and finer just to see how it would look..)

A Question..

I've been tatting with my size 10 Royal thread, and it's a lot softer than I remember. Maybe it's just because it's been handled (and drug by a puppy) so much, but I'm not liking the way all my picots and chains are looking.

I would have some tatting, if I didn't have to block what I have so aggressively, but ces't la vie, right?

My question is this: Of the size 10 threads, which do you like the best? I haven't tried the Lizbeth size 10 just yet, and the Aunt Lydia threads I have in that size are too soft as well.

Thoughts, everyone? I have a bracelet design that I'm hoping will look better with a stiffer thread..

I'll post a picture of what I mean when the piece dries.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Spin, spin, spin...

I bought some fiber in the last two weeks with the thought that I'd give spinning a try.

I didn't buy a drop spindle. I had read online how to make your own using two CD's and some other things around the house, and found I only needed to spend about $4 for what I didn't have. Being a geek really came in handy, as I have far too many scratched CD's hanging around with the hopes I'll be able to get the data off of them!

So, I pulled them out and started playing around. After several YouTube videos, I managed to get a small skein spun.

There's nt much in this hank. It's two ounces of Merino Superwash by the Etsy seller slimchicken. The color is "Nightgreens," and is very dark. The picture here doesn't capture the color that well, since I had to use the flash.

Next up is the Fruit Wood fiber. I'm spinning this one a little thinner, so hopefully I'll get some better yardage!

Tatting will come tomorrow, as well as an update on some of my other projects I've been working on!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Quick Links (and lists)

Just so I can keep up with everything for Christmas this year!

Sending up North:
Home (friends):
Family patterns are still under consideration.. Not 100% sure about those yet!

More to come -- I have my hands full!

Edit: Some more links to

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Am I one of the few who does this?

I can NEVER choose colors for projects that end up looking good together, so I end up using some of my materials to make swatches. Knitted, tatted.. You name it, and I swatch it first.

As before, I'm continuing with learning how to crochet. The past few weeks have been a bit stressful for me and I tend to learn new things during stress better. Hence, all the crochet so far!

These are both blocks created by Priscilla Hewitt (linking to Ravelry), and I'm not sure which to make first! These are both for afghans, and I'm wanting to make a few for every season to put on my bed. Here's the first one I've completed:

Circle of Friends

I'm using Caron Simply Soft for both, mainly because if I run out I can run to my local Wal*Mart and get more. Plus, no dye lots!

This one is done with Blackberry and Bone, and crocheted with hook size H. Not too bad for my fist ever block, no?

And the second one, is this beauty:

Nordic Star

Done in Country Blue and Heather Gray. My only problem with this pattern is that row 8 is a little fiddly, but I figured out how to make it work! Gotta remember to change my pattern in my book, though..

I have done two blocks of each (the other Circle was done in reverse colors and the Star was done in Blackberry/Bone, like the others).

No new tatting today.. However I hope to have some tomorrow.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

And now..

for something completely different..

I rest my case. ;)