Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Finished Project?

In a non-tatting moment, I tried to find some granny squares to try. I've been wanting to learn crochet for a while now -- I can remember my mom making doilies and peacocks while my sis and I were outside playing! I had started a scarf pattern from Lion's Brand Yarn, but was distracted and now can't remember the stitch counts. However, after several hours of cramped hands and lots of curses, I now have a bookmark that I'm relatively proud of:

It's another bury phone pic, but you can see what it (sorta) looks like. Never again ('till I get better, at least) will I try crocheting with size 20 thread!

Pattern: Flower Granny Square by Drenka
Threads: Lizbeth sz 20 "Victorian Red" and "Falling Leaves"
Hook: Size 3/2.10MM (I know it's the wrong hook, but it's what I had with me at the time..)

Hope to start a scarf soon - with a nice, soft yarn. 'Till then!

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