Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Importance of Blocking

They aren't fully dry, but are close enough to show (plus I am impatient! lol)

First off, the ever-important 'before' shot:

All were kind of twisty and cupping in some way. I'm a very tight tatter; try as I may to not tatt so tight, it never works out for me. There's three different motives in here, so let's start with the rounds, shall we?

Tatted Motiff #12, from I was able to do both centers with thread left over from another project (I think it was the bookmark, but I'm not too sure), so I decided to do two of them. The fully solid one was by the pattern, with how the second round interlocks with the first -- two rings through the inner chains. The second is my own interpretation, which I think would look a little better with a different variegated thread so the deep purples don't intermingle with each other.

Next up, we have the square:
This is going to be part of a larger project that will end up on my wall in the bedroom. This is Tatted Motiff #2 from the same site. More on this as I get them complete; I haven't fully decided on the layout just yet.

And finally, the earrings:

Tatted Earrings #4. These were a bit interesting to tatt in that they were done in three rounds without cutting between. I carried thread through the top most rings to add a bit of stability to them, so they are a bit thicker than the others. I have no idea where I would wear them, but I still thought they were interesting!

Going back to tatting now. I'm amazed at how much I've accomplished in such a short time!

Also, all these are in the same Lizbeth colors as I have been tatting with this week. Had them in my bag, so they were easy to get! lol

Happy tatting!


God's Kid said...

Your motifs look great! And your earrings are very nice! :)

Bev said...

I love those earrings - I just HAVE to make myself a pair of them! Beautiful work on the motifs!