Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Tatting..

And where I had to stop because of Willow! lol

Also, all of these aren't blocked yet -- I like to have a few to block together, instead of having only one. Which leads me to the question -- how do YOU prefer to block? Wet block? Steam block? No block? I'm a steamer -- Love my iron!

First off, this is the bookmark I should have complete soon:

I'm not 100% sold just yet, but I think it's getting better the further I go. One and a half repeats to go now, but Willow decided to demand my attention! Pattern is Flower Bookmark/Edging, but by Sabrina Carden-Madden. This will need some serious blocking when it's done -- its curling back on itself!

Also, since I got the split chain down, I made the Tardis bookmark:

Which my roommate has already said she wanted one. Pattern by Anne Bruvold, and was interesting to do!

Next up, I tried these earrings..

Only got on done. The first image is what I assume was supposed to be the back, while the bottom one is the front. It was awkward, and I plan on giving them another go soon. I think I may have missed something while tatting these.. Pattern by Iris Niebach. I remember a bunch of people doing a tat along with this pattern, but I was still working on learning how to work with beads at the time and didn't join..

Will share when these are blocked/re-tried. 'Till then, happy tatting!

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