Thursday, January 13, 2011

Poor Willow!

Just wanted to show everyone what we're currently going through in regards to the snow. I do have some tatting, but they're not quite ready to be shared (they're blocking and need to finish drying), so hopefully soon I'll have another post ready.

Right now, we still have about three inches of snow on the ground with a quarter inch of ice on top of that. It's super slick, as Willow can tell you:

She really doesn't like the cold, especially after she broke her leg when she was a puppy. Last time it snowed, I had to keep her laying down that last day to keep a warm compress on the leg! She doesn't let it hinder her, as she's one of the fastest little dogs I have ever seen!

I also spent some time on Tuesday taking pictures around the farm.

This is the first time in memory that I can remember the ponds freezing over. They're no where near frozen enough to be safe enough to walk on, but it's still surprising!

Also, since this is now mostly ice, we have a lot of these hanging out.

And, just to show how it looks outside my door..

Everything is so glossy, it's making it hard to drive just from the glare!

Also, earlier this week, Izzy and Gwinnie styled their PJ's at Mom and Dad's:

Yes, Gwinnie is half-buried in the couch. She slid down there while sitting next to Ab and seemed to enjoy it! Rather than climb out, she decided to keep chewing on her bone!

Also, from Christmas night..
Willow had fun getting covered in snow.

Hope everyone is staying warm! Happy tatting!

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